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Marketkits has an awesome referral program! There are about 6 reasons why this program rocks and there are 6 steps you can follow in order to launch a successful program your site too.

Step 1: Evaluate your current contacts

You don’t just have to reach out to your customers; in fact your referral program can reach so much farther than that. You should be asking anyone you’ve made a connection or had an interaction with. This could be via phone call, social media, or email.

Step 2: List possible referral sources

Now that you know your contacts can be anyone you’ve connected with, you can begin listing them out. You could reach out to current customers, past customers, leads that may not have closed, industry leaders, your vendors, etc.

Step 3: Segment inner circle contacts

Once you have these possible sources listed out, you should narrow down a list of “inner circle” contacts. These are people who know what value your business has and would refer you without any incentive. Finding your inner circle isn’t a process that can be automated, you will get more benefit from this if you pull and segment these contacts manually.

Step 4: Define referral programs by segment

There are two options for a referral program: an incentive and a non-incentive program. A University of Chicago study found that non-cash incentives are 24% more effective at boosting performance than cash incentives. During this step, you should break your contacts out by levels and decide which ones can receive which offer.

Step 5: Outline and Create needed resources

Once you have the referral programs outlined you’ll have an idea of what resources you need for each one. I’ve listed out a few resources you might need below:

Emails for each type of contact telling them about your referral program
A message explaining what types of customers fit well with your business. You need to paint a picture in their minds of your ideal customer
A workflow that leads your contacts through the program and alerts your sales team when to call
A landing page that provides a place for your contacts to give you their friend’s information
Scripts for your sales team to follow when explaining your referral programs
A referral kit filled with resources for your contacts to share with their friends: this can include case studies, testimonials, eBooks, videos, anything that gives insight into working with your business

Step 6: Define Your Referral Process

Create a document that outlines the steps in your referral process for you marketing team and sales team to follow. Let them know who is being sent emails, when these emails are going out, what they have in them, and when it becomes their place to contact. Make sure you provide them with a script as well.

Check out the SBA for more information